3 hours, 3 days or 3 weeks?
Within a radius of 10 to 30 km we can guide you to some major sight-seeing destinations or some hidden gems

 First of all, YOU MUST NOT MISS

Cap Fréhel and Fort-La-Latte ; St-Cast-Le Guildo with its beaches ; The river Arguenon with the Gilles de Bretagne castle ; Roman Corseul with its brand new museum ; La Hunaudaye, with its castle and forest and also the "Ferme d'Antan", a farming museum ; Dinan with its medieval town walls and half-timbered houses ; Saint-Malo, the corsair town,

And do not forget, just one hour's drive away is the magical Mont-St-Michel, called "la merveille", rising up from a bay listed as a UNESCO world heritage site!


To the West
at Plévenon, Gargantua’s finger
at Fréhel, the chapel at Vieux Bourg (Pléherel Plage)
at Plurien, the old railway bridge
♥ at Erquy, Bienassis château

To the South
at Saint-Lormel, Saint-Lunaire church
♥ at Corseul, Montafilan château
♥ at Plédéliac, the farm museum (la Ferme d’antan)
at Jugon-les-Lacs, I catch my first fish!
at Lamballe, the museum of popular art and traditions

To the East
at Saint-Cast-Le Guildo, the ringing stones!
at Créhen, the Gilles de Bretagne castle
at Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, the le Chevet point

Crédit Photos : CDT22 Eole photo. CDT22 Franck Hamon. Ferme d'Antan. Lamballe communauté. CDT22 Lebrun/Garrigues. Maison de la Pêche Jugon. Marie Le Hégarat. Françoise Rouxel. Bertrand Royer. Pointe du Chevet OT CEVA

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