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Matignon area Tourist Office has produced leaflets for guided walks around Matignon (St-Germain-de-la-Mer, Saint-Gallery), St-Pôtan and also “treasure hunt” and "On the footstep of the Matignon and Grimaldi families" leaflets to help you discover local sites of historical interest.

You can take the leaflets free from the Tourist Office or download them opposite.

Whereas they are free for individuals for their own personal use, associations or other entities may only reproduce them or distribute them if they have written authorization from the Tourist Office.

A walking group (free) leaves Place Gouyon in Matignon at 9am every Thursday. Info 02 96 41 22 04.

For your walks, maps IGN 1016ET and 916ET cover the Matignon area.

At Hénanbihen, there is a free fitness trail in the Lorgerie woods.

  St Germain route (8 & 11km)


  St Gallery route (10km)

Yellow route (6km200)

In the footsteps of the Matignon
and Grimaldi families (1km500)